Minister's Message

Welcome to the “Shorik” Initiative’s Website

The Shorik Initiative has been created to offer guidance to upcoming university students on academic specializations that contribute directly to supporting the economic and social growth of the UAE.

It guides upcoming UAE university students to the careers that play a key role in the future of the nation, to ensure that the UAE graduates qualified professionals that can feed into the requirements of the future of the UAE economy.

Shorik incentivizes students to join these careers of the future of the UAE by linking them with current post-graduate students that are learning these careers.

Through the Shorik initiative, students are given firsthand access to the academic life of model Emirati students. They engage with them, see what campus and academic life is all about and have their questions and queries answered by them directly.

Shorik helps potential university students to learn through the experiences of the post-graduate students, so that they have a clear idea of the bright future they have ahead of them if they join these careers.

Like other numerous higher educational initiatives, Shorik relates closely to the UAE Vision 2021 and links directly with the achievement of two of the objectives of the National Agenda:

-         Developing a first-rate education system

-         Developing a competitive knowledge economy

Through Shorik, the Ministry of Education materializes the objectives of the UAE Vision 2021 and its path to establish the UAE as an advanced and world-leading knowledge economy.

The Shorik Initiative is the result of a thorough and detailed study by experts of the UAE Ministry of Education. We took into consideration our students, the requirements of the economy of the future of the UAE, as well as the remarks and feedback shared by parents on the students' future academic interests and needs.

As a result, we realized the necessity to develop a program and a guidance plan capable of providing support and understanding the students’ needs, as well as the pressures they encounter when they decide on an academic specialization, ensuring a brilliant and significant future for them to become key players and contributors to the UAE economy and social well being.

The Shorik website is the portal that unites all of these goals and objectives: it provides practical answers by post-graduate students and opens a direct channel of communication between potential university students and selected Emirati postgraduate students.

It contributes to build up a unique community of knowledge and prepares students to become qualified professionals in alignment with the requirements of the knowledge economy of the future. It also takes into account each student's capabilities, while observing his or her own academic interests and potential.

I hope that the information and services provided on this website will be of great use and benfit, and I invite you to communicate your inquiries and suggestions with us to optimize and improve the content of this website to match your requirements, for which the website has been tailored to.

We are fully confident that our students play a decisive role in the future of the nation and its economic and social wellbeing. They are the hope of the UAE for a bright and promising future, and are the true assets and wealth of our society.


Dr. Ahmad Belhoul AlFalasi​

Minister of State for Higher Education and Advanced Skills