About Shorik


The idea of ​​this initiative came up while noticing, during an interview with the high school students, that most students have not identified their future academic directions so far, and they have not selected the university where they wish to study, and most importantly, the discipline they want to study, and through the Admission and Registration Department of the Ministry, some students change their choices from time to time during the school year, despite counseling them at the beginning of the academic year, and introducing them to the educational opportunities available and the disciplines required in the labor market ..

This initiative (Shorik) is a counseling program through direct electronic communication channels between the secondary education students in the State, specifically high school students, and higher education students on scholarships abroad, in order for the distinguished students on scholarships abroad to offer advice to secondary education students, provide them with information that will help them choose the right discipline in high-level universities, and let them make use of the most important experiences they went through during their studies abroad in terms of study level or social life. It is also possible for the secondary education students to take advantage of the obstacles that faced the scholarship students to be avoided by the new students.